Monday, April 28, 2014

The Value of an Early Morning

My mother recently told me that I have always been one to need a lot of sleep.

I've always felt that way-- a 10 hour of sleep type of gal.  But as I've grown and my responsibilities have increased and now that I have children to care for 24 hours a day--its simply not an option to sleep! (I wish I was joking).

Lately, I've been waking when my husband leaves for work at about 5AM-- this gives me a chance to get myself up & alert and get myself ready before the hustle and bustle begins.  My morning routine involves pumping milk, taking a shower, putting on makeup & styling my hair, getting dressed (sometimes ironing is involved), eating breakfast, packing lunch for myself, packing lunch for Marley, getting all of our bags ready to go (milk for baby, water, lunch & school stuff for Marley), getting Marley up, getting him fed (if he'll eat), clothed, hair and teeth brushed,  getting Joe up, getting her fed, dressed & in her carseat (sometimes it also includes trying to keep her happy while doing all of the above)--then we have to do drop offs at Grandmas and sometimes at school too.  And I usually have to get out the door at either 7:15 or 8:30. Whew! I pretty much always forget SOMETHING and have to turn around and go back a lot of times.

In other words, mornings can be crazy.

And after the morning, comes the day where I work all day, pick up the kids and I don't rest til I fall into bed with my baby at 8:30-9:30.

Or, on rougher nights, I'm rocking her to sleep until 11:30.  It just depends.  She's up at least twice before 5AM, no matter what time she went to sleep.  She fusses, then eats, then easily goes back to sleep.  Sometimes my son wants me to come in his room at night too.  It's pretty exhausting.

That's why I really like that extra morning time--getting up and having just a little bit of time to myself!

After I'm ready to go, I have the rest of the time to do things I want to do--like write this blog, work on my scrapbook, or just mindlessly surf the internet.  I actually generally avoid doing housework at that time of day because I don't want to make noise clanking dishes around in the kitchen, and because I generally like to keep the house dark and quiet in the morning hours instead of moving around--in and out of everyone's rooms while they try to sleep.  

The morning is the only real "me" time I have left, and I don't even get it everyday (either I'm too tired, or the baby won't sleep, or my husband is home so I don't get up early). And because it really is "me" time, sometimes I use it to sleep (more times than not), but those days I get up early are truly invigorating, productive, and necessary. 

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