Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My easy go-to meal options

1. Eggs- egg on toast with veggies & cottage cheese. Scrambled egg sandwich (with mayo & cheese). Hard boiled with salt.  I don't really like hard boiled egg salad, but that's another easy option too. 

2. Oats- oatmeal- I make a few days worth at a time. I add stevia, brown sugar & raisens and just throw it in a Tupperware. When I'm ready to eat it, I scoop some out, leave it cold & pour almond milk over it. Sometimes I chop up a banana.

Another option: protein pancakes: blend up oats, an egg or two (and sometimes a banana) and make on the skill it like a pancake. Eat with sugar free maple syrup or peanut butter or Nutella. Cut up some banana on top. 

Third option: pour some oats right into your smoothies--I've had them at smoothie places and decided to try it at home. You won't even know  the oats are in there.

I also love granola cereals and granola bars. You can eat the cereals with milk (I use almond milk) or Greek yogurt.

3. Tuna-- I eat plain with relish of some kind. My husband makes a better tasting deluxe version with mayo & more chopped veggies, but if you are looking for quick and easy, just add relish (if you don't have any, try blending up a pickle!)
The best part about tuna is you can eat it plain, with crackers, as a salad, or on a sandwich.

Second option: Tuna patties. Simply crush up some ritz crackers, add an egg & make patties in a skillet on the stove. You can save these in the fridge and eat them again too. You can chop up spices and veggies for some added flavor in the mix--my husband likes them a lot better that way.  Eat plain, on a salad, or in Sandwich.

4. Fruit- I go through apples and bananas very quickly, and we always offer fruit to Marley when he is hungry.  We all like to eat it with peanut butter or Nutella. Grapes & strawberries left out for the taking also go super fast.

We also freeze fresh fruit to blend up in random smoothies--it is MUCH cheaper this way than buying the $10 bag of strawberries.

5.Chicken breast: Chicken salad, chicken sandwich or wrap, chicken with rice & veggies, chicken in a crockpot (with BBQ sauce or salsa or enchilada sauce). 

6. Ground turkey: sloppy joes, enchiladas, spaghetti-- all of these take about 30 mins and have very few ingredients.

7. Chopped steak- aka carne asada. Pick some up from a meat market pre-marinated. BBQ. Eat as tacos, taco salad, or nachos.

8. Veggies. Great for salads. I used to hate chopping veggies (I still do) so that's why I didn't cook too much. Now, I just deal with it and our salads usually consist of everything I can possibly find to throw in there.

***  Unfortunately, in the last week, I had to switch to a non-dairy/non-soy diet so some of these are no nos for me right now, but I still thought I would share! :-)

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