Monday, April 14, 2014

Looking Back & Looking Forward

When I think back to just a few weeks ago as I looked forward at what my new life as a working mother of two would be like, I'm already laughing. I thought I'd be exercising, waking up early, eating healthy, and be completely full of energy.  Ha ha! What a joke that is now.

As I pull myself out of bed each morning, it's usually already pushing 7 AM (not the 5AM waking up and having productive mornings that I had dreamed of).  I drag through my morning all with that annoying pain in my back from sleeping at the very edge of the bed I share with my daughter.  I struggle with a four-year-old who sometimes doesn't want to put his clothes on, brush his hair, or brush his teeth. So far, we are just managing to get through it, but thus far I've managed not to be incredibly late to anything, I haven't shown up to work with spit up on my shirt, and I seem to have a daughter that adjusts incredibly well to change.   Yes, t's working out okay but its certainly not the supermom gig I envisioned.

For example, I have been taking the elevator (instead of the stairs) and I've only managed to make it to one yoga class.   While the vegetables in my garden are watered,  the trails in my yard have not been walked.  The energy I thought I'd have to do it all is simply not there.  Or maybe the energy is there--it's just used to walk a fussy baby up and down the hallways, or search for missing toys, or struggle through my clients' problems each day.

For now, I think it's best to be content with the realization that the life that I have the time and energy for doesn't really include training for a marathon, or even taking the stairs every day or working out at the gym. (Do you notice how weekly I cut more and more of my daily exercise aspirations out?!)

But the good thing is that all of this is okay with me.  I can only do so much and I can only handle putting so much pressure on myself.  And that is okay.

This week:

Reading: Make Every Second Count.

Listening to: Nothing--I seem to have lost my earbud.  This is creating a huge problem for audio-book listening.

Staying Busy With:  Work.  It's starting to go at a faster speed than I am comfortable with.

Worried About:  Our health--food allergies, styes, and skin rashes.  Trying to increase energy and productivity.

Looking Forward To: Easter this weekend.

Inspired By: The world around me.  The changing seasons and the hustle and bustle of downtown.

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