Monday, April 7, 2014

Looking forward this week...

Going into the second week back at work, I did some of the same preparations I did for last week that helped out the working mom gig SO MUCH.

To avoid Morning Fashion Meltdowns:

Picked out matching outfits with the clothes I have that actually still fit. I ironed what needed to be ironed, so all Ill need to do is pick out shoes and accessories.

Food prep:

We went to both Trader Joes and the regular grocery store and I've found that reading every label is really hard & I've wasted a little too much by not reading thoroughly at the store & then seeing that the product really had soy or dairy. Nevertheless, I've got some good meals and snacks for the week.  I also informed my husband that it's back to his cooking from now on. (Yep, Susie Homemaker is only part-time these days).


My exercise plans have really come into perspective since back at work. I realize that time, money, and energy are real-life roadblocks to my fitness goals.  Some of these roadblocks I am prepared to hurdle or knock over, and some I just am not! There are things I'm willing to do and things I don't think I'll ever be willing to do.  I had to get realistic with myself about things that will probably never happen (like running a marathon)--but for reasons that I am happy with-- I'm totally ok with not being a runner even when it's the "in" thing to be. But there are things I certainly can (& will) do!

I'd rather stick to a fitness plan I enjoy--and for me that generally always means fitting fitness in here & there and not really going with an intense exercise plan. Of course, this doesn't really jive with my goals of becoming a bikini model-- but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. 

This week I need to make an effort to fit fitness in--by taking the stairs, walking, and escaping to a yoga class or two during my week. I also cannot neglect our newly improved yard and need to get outdoors with my son at least once or twice.


On my mind a lot this week was my older child and his adjustment to the new baby and my return to work. It really has been an adjustment to say the least and there have definitely been some struggles around here in the past week. I need to make efforts in my parenting to address the power struggles and emotional issues  that are occurring in our lives.  I don't know exactly how this is going to happen, but it is definitely on my mind and I need to figure out how to do best by my son.

Personal Development:
I'm currently listening to The Happiness Project and reading a book about growing a business out of a blog. I'm trying to eat healthier and stay moving during the day. I need to improve on my parenting, efficiency, and home keeping.  I need to gain perspective about what is important to me and what I need to let go.  For example, just this morning, my husband said, "I like a messy house--it means a family lives here."  Touche! I need to embrace that thinking more.

I know that this is only week 2 and we will all adjust in time, but time is such a precious thing and it seems a shame to waste any adjusting.  

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