Monday, March 31, 2014

Working Mom of Two.

Add that title to the list of things I am.

A working mom of two. My days as a stay at home mom are done. My maternity leave was great, but unfortunately, for very likely the rest of my days, I'll be a working mom. Although the time flew by, I am ready to get back into the swing of my "real life" as a working mom. Sure, waking up when I feel like it and keeping a clean house was nice, but there's something to be said for baby and I seeing other people.

Tomorrow I'll have to wake up early, do everything that needs to be done to get out of the house and actually get out the door earlier than we usually get up! 

In anticipation of the upcoming transition, I've done a lot of thinking (worrying) and planning to try to keep myself super organized and keep things straight. I even bought a new planner and I've been making lists like a crazy person.

I've done food prep, packed lunches, and even have 4 meals planned for the week. 

I completely reorganized Joe's closet to make picking outfits easier. I picked out and ironed all my own clothes for the week. We went shopping on Saturday and I got some new shoes and accessories. 

I brewed some iced coffee and have my single cup coffee maker loaded in my car.

Nevertheless, I am so so going to miss being able to drop off and pick up my son at school everyday--I'm going to miss having dinner ready when my husband gets home. I'll miss nursing my baby girl as needed and being the one who knows everything about her and everything she's done. I'll miss running around in the yard and watching movies with my son all day--making him lunch and listening to his voice as his toys talk to eachother all afternoon. 

It's going to be such a big change, and in many ways I feel ready (mentally I think i am), but in others, I know I'll miss this so much. 

Please wish me luck!

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