Sunday, March 2, 2014

Finding time for fitness

My baby is 15 days old. I have a month of maternity leave left & I'm feeling pretty much back to normal (thanks to my placenta pills and the fact that my baby is a great sleeper and easy baby).

One thing that's been on my mind a lot lately is fitness. Honestly, my body has bounced back already. I'm not worried about losing weight really (although toning up would be nice), I'm more concerned with boosting energy and feeling well.

I've always been pretty thin without having to workout, therefore I've never established a real health routine aside from the short time I spent with a trainer just before my wedding. Still, I've tried intermittent exercise programs and I know I always feel best when I eat right and exercise. 

Because I already feel pretty good and because it's a lot harder to keep up with everything with two kids and a full time job, I want to make being healthy--including eating right and exercising a priority. But it seems such a catch-22: I want to exercise to feel better for my family, but that also means taking more time away from my family! 

My husband leaves for work at 5-5:30 a.m. This means that if I'm going to go to the gym in the morning, if have to get up & go at about 4 a.m. Even though I go to sleep relatively early, this just does not seem feasible. Also, I've tried workout videos & it just seems hard to get motivated in my own living room.  My husband insists I'll need to find the time in my work day to fit excercuse in--which makes sense-- except that will only result in longer days at the office which still takes time away from the family.

Once work starts up again, I plan to take the stairs--10 flights, as often as possible, and I've been parking about 1/2 mile away from work for over a year--but neither of those things is "enough" in my vision of who I want to be. 

I'm really struggling to devise a "plan" for fitting it all in! My options are:

1. Membership at the 24-hour gym nearby my house--I can work out at 4am or 9pm.

2. Membership at the YMCA downtown by work--I can work out at lunch or other free time during my day. The Y also has a pool, which would make swimming laps a possibility at some point.

3. No gym membership. Work out at home--early mornings or late at night either in the yard or in the living room. Workout videos, body weight and light weight training excercises.

4. Any combination of the above 3 (the Y has day passes & going with 1 or 2 would never exclude 3).

My one hesitation about 1 or 2 is wasting money-- the last thing I want is to sign up for a gym and not use it.  However, 3 would limit me and probably not be as motivating-- I really like weight training and it's really not as easy to do at home, or as effective.

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