Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aqua & Pink Owl themed Baby Girl Nursery!

I am so proud of my little girl's nursery. Even before she was born, we would sit in the room and revel at how beautiful and tranquil it is. Here is a little tour:

The owl picture is actually a gift bag & it is permanently affixed to the wall with molding that has since been painted pink. Owl frames are from hobby lobby & coat hooks from Marshall's. Mamaroo was a gift & baby loves it!! It's not there anymore, instead it's in the living room. Owl tea kettle was a gift.  Also note the salt lamp, which is pretty much the best night light ever & also was pretty much the best shower gift ever because we didn't even know we needed it (my son now has one in his room too!)

This was just an ordinary crappy closet before--with crappy folding doors. My husband ripped the closet out & did all the shelving and painting. Dresser is from ikea (old) and we spray painted it. Bins are from target & conveniently hold a years worth of baby clothes. Tree is made of craft foam and was a decoration at our baby shower.

Before baby, this room was an office, then a "catch all" then a guest room. This is actually my bed from college which my brother-in-law inherited in 2006 and we got back about a year ago. We decided to keep it in her room because a) it's the most comfy bed we have and b) I sleep in there to help everyone in the house get  more rest. We store a pack n play & extra diapers below.

The gray dresser was purchased by my mother off amazon. We didn't get a crib sheet set, instead I ordered skirt off amazon. Bumper from target & various sheets from target. Mobile from target--gift off registry. (P.s. Wind-up mobiles are sucky!) The dresser I've had since highschool. We've used it here & there, but it looks brand new spray painted to match!! Finally, the "JOE" was made from a piece of IKEA canvas art that we have painted over more than once (why buy new canvases?!) and the letters are from hobby lobby--we used the wall paint. Hamper is from Target.

I love the door is painted pink around the edges. The over the door organized is a shoe organizer from Walmart. 

I still need to figure something out for her hair bows & tights. I also have a few more decorations to hang and some DIY, I'll update as I do. 

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