Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today's workout

I added a lap from yesterday-- 7 laps=1.3 miles. Note that this is not a race, I'm just trying to get my body moving & get some fresh air. Plus, I've got a 9lb baby on my chest and the ground isn't all that level out there. 

In addition to adding a lap, I pulled out my 5lb dumbells and did a set after each lap--shoulder press, lateral raise, bicep curls & squats (not weighted).  I also did 10 walking lunges at the start of each curve of the track---I stopped when my quads started killing me, because I didn't want to fall or hurt myself. 

This would be really easy for anyone to do-- just pick a distance (around the track, around the block, up the street & back), and add in the excercises at different intervals. You probably wouldn't even need dumbells---you could use cans, water bottles, or even rocks!

My workout partner kept up today--he completed all 7 laps and did his own version of push-ups while I was handling the dumbells.  He decided his weight would be a rock & he carried it about 100 yards. 

Then he got pretty tuckered out.

We ate a banana, drank some water & now we are chillin out watching a movie. I rewarded him for completing the workout with an unexpected token. (More on the token system in another post).

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