Friday, March 7, 2014

Cowboy Birthday Party!

One of the things that I am passionate about is parties.  I tend to get really carried away and go over-the-top.  I have been told  many times that I should go into business as a party planner.  Unfortunately, there are still bills to pay, so until I win the lottery, I can't quit my day job.

I have been excited to share some of my parties with you, it was just a matter of digging into my archives.  This is my son's third birthday (October 2012).  He was (and still is) really into cowboy stuff so we threw him an amazing cowboy party!

Invitation:  Completely handmade--I designed the graphic part using Photoshop Elements, glued it onto a piece of cardstock and used some rafia on the top.  They were designed to hang on a nail or hook.

The birthday cowboy getting geared up!

Horses galore!  Top Left:  Radio Flyer, Top Right:  My husband crafted these out of materials left over from home projects at ours and his parents house!  I was expecting them to be kid size but he made them giant size!  Bottom pictures:  Horse head on stick:  My mother-in-law hand sewed all of these! They were amazing favors for all the kiddos!

Signs:  Recycled cardboard & left over wood from around the house projects.  Black hand painted.

Balloons and Hats from Oriental Trading Co.

Photobooth!  Props came from a yardsale (wanted sign & stick on moustaches), and Oriental Trading Co.  We hand made the moustaches on a stick.

Cake made by my mother-in-law with kids toys as decorations.  It is a cupcake-cake!

The kids loved the tractor-hay ride.  My husband and his buddy threw together the hay-ride part & a good friend brought over his antique tractor to haul everyone around.  


Panning for Gold:  I spraypainted a bunch of pebbles from our yard in gold paint (it was harder than I thought), and we used pie pans in a back-yard pond.  The little kids especially loved this part!


I think one of the reasons the party turned out so cool was that EVERYONE dressed up in western wear (its such an easy outfit to throw together!)  The adults had just as much fun as the kids.

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