Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finding time for fitness: part 2

It must be on my mind a lot (as in, I must be talking about it a lot) because my husband sent me this text yesterday:

I guess this means he's leaning towards option #3.  This makes sense since I don't really have the time or money for a gym-based plan.  

So, I actually got started yesterday. I put on my sneakers (ok they were already on), put my dear daughter into her moby wrap, and headed into the yard. 

 I'd already mapped the distance around our backyard (.21 miles), so I knew 5 times around would be a mile. If not for my son vying for attention, I would have made it to two miles, but I stopped after 6 laps.

It's a start. And my body is still recovering from delivery (although did I mention I feel great?) so i probably don't need to push it.

I also started pinning at-home exercise routines, so I just need to add a little something everyday from all of the great ideas I am picking up!

And just like my husband was thinking of my options, the universe spoke to me this morning when I was reading my morning blogs-- Melissa of Dear Baby seems to be in my same boat (the one with no time and no money) but she's been doing yoga at home, and just look at how much fun she's having!!

What an inspiration!!

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