Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Scrapbook: Playing Catch Up: May 5-12, 2012 Project Life

One of my long-time hobbies is Scrapbooking.  I used to use paper & scissiors until I learned how much I could do using Photoshop Elements, and how much quicker & easier it is to get a page done here & there without having to take out & put away an entire arsenal of supplies.

For 2014 I'm thinking about going back to paper for a "Project Life" album just because I enjoy paper and scissors, but my biggest problem is that I take A LOT of pictures!  This is the main reason I am so behind on my scrapbooks!

I started digital in 2010 and actually have that book printed out on my shelf.  2011 is done, but not printed & I am working on 2012 & 2013 a little at a time.  (I'm not going in a "specific" order, but recently came up with system that works to keep me a little more organized--more on that in another post).

Today I'm sharing a page to add to my 2012 album of random snapshots taken during our week.  My current style of catch-up Project Life has me trying to pump these out as quick as I can and when i get a chance, so they tend to be pretty simple & lack a lot of journaling.  Nevertheless, I like to think that the photos tell their own stories.

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