Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Breakfast Ideas.

Here's a fun fact: I suck at cooking.  I hate doing it & most of the time I get complaints.  There are about a dozen things I can make and make well and that's about it.  

In my opinion, Breakfast is the cheapest & easiest meal to make, so it's the way I prefer to entertain at the holidays.  Depending on the size of your group, you can make a little, a lot, sweet, salty, & fun, all without spending a ton of money.

Fruit Kabobs: 

Strawberries, bananas, & any other berries you can find, donuts holes & mini donuts or try mini cinnamon rolls (pre-made) poked on a kabob. Super easy & Super cute!

Homemade Parfaits: 

mini-mason jars (I actually got these used at Goodwill)+vanilla yogurt (its sweeter than plain--I find more people like it that way)+berries.  Put granola on the side (I used a granola cereal pre-mixed with raisins).

Cereal Treat Balls: 

You make these just like you make Rice Krispy Treats by adding marshmallows & butter, but you can really use any cereal.  (Tip for any crispy treats: add some extra marshmallows right at the end that don't melt all the way!).  Lay in a pan or use your hands to roll into dough. (Use Butter on your hands to keep from sticking too much).  I think its fun to have a variety, so I bought a mix-pack of individual serving cereal and made up the whole batch).

Cereal & Milk.

Bacon, Sausage, Pancakes (w/ chocolate chips & cool-whip) & loaded scrambled eggs--eggs w/ cheese & veggies scrambled up.

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