Monday, January 6, 2014


When we started making room for the new addition, I had to clean out the guest room, AKA "My Second Closet."  This meant losing an entire closet of space I'd hung extra clothes of my own.  At the same time, my belly and hips were growing & I had to put clothes that had become too small out in the shed.  There were ALOT of large rubbermaid bins that went in & out during that time and there were at least 4 or 5 full of clothes.  I realize at times like that just how much I already have, yet I tend to wear the same things all the time:  comfortable and/or easy (i.e. things that go well when I don't want to iron).

I know that I can make a lot more of what I have.  To help myself do this, I've decided that I really need to be intentional--i.e picking out my outfits in advance & forcing myself to rotate all of my wardrobe.  I think doing so can help me focus in on spending the money that I will inevitably spend anyway on clothes to singular pieces I can use to freshen up my wardrobe....accessories, shoes, bags & belts.  I think this will help me reduce my spending because I do love to look nice!

"Spring Cleaning"--for this project, it was more like "Winter Cleaning" because I did it after the first cold days of the season.  This is a good time to go out with the old--pieces you've had out since the last season change but haven't worn.  There was awhile I was trying to keep everything, but I realize that things that have lost their shape or otherwise never fit well at all need to go.  This season I got rid of about 1/2 a large garbage bag and also an old suitcase I inherited from my step-dad that had sat in my closet for far too long without a purpose & just taking up space.

During this step, I usually re-arrange some things--this time, I tightened up my shoe storage & rearranged our armoire.  It's funny how Chris' space in the closet just keeps getting smaller & smaller.  (Sorry babe).  I moved a lot of our jackets & sweatshirts into the entryway closet (which is jam-packed--did I mention we need more storage space??--we could really use another closet).

It was also a treat that Chris re-arranged our room after it having been the same for the last 4 years!  I like the new feel of it.

Here's a sneak peak of our small space clean & organized!


Outfit planning--the further ahead I plan the more likely I am able to make & fulfil any good buys on my outfit wishlist!

Store or stack the used pieces--i.e. out-of-sight, out-of-mind--to best optimize entire wardrobe, then you can keep track of what you have worn, and what you haven't!

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