Thursday, January 2, 2014

Today 1.2.14

I woke up in the middle of the night on one of my 209328430276342982347098 trips to the bathroom and ended up not being able to sleep much afterwards because of a horrendous cough.  Marley had snuck into our bed at some point, Chris had escaped to Marley's room to sleep, while my little guy snuggled as close to me as possible.  I tried to tell him he could sleep on Daddy's side of the bed, but he said, "I want to sleep right here next to you" and pulled me closer.

I am going to miss cuddling with Marley when I am up in the middle of the night breastfeeding a new baby.  I anticipate co-sleeping with her (we left a Queen-sized bed in her room) for awhile, and I'm really hoping Marley understands he can't be a 3rd in that bed too (although daddy would love to cuddle him too).

I was up before everyone else this morning--which is rare, Marley is the best alarm clock!  But was back in his bed snuggling daddy when Marley did come join us to say good morning.  He was sick yesterday, and more sick today too--so we let him stay in his PJs.  Chris followed me to drop Marley off at grandma and grandpas--his new Build-a-bear dudded out in Batman PJs too.  Our departure was better today than most days.

I should have stayed in bed, but I have a major deadline next week at work and am pretty stressed as it is.  Not being prepared is only going to make that worse.  Plus I had two meetings before noon that were crucial.  I spent the rest of the day at my desk doing preparation & took 2 trips to the meter to feed quarters before I headed home at 4pm & that was the extent of my exercise for the day (none). ((But for good reason---my cough only got worse as the day went on))

I dropped off dry cleaning for next week & headed home. I took a hot shower after stepping my sausage feet out of my flats & got right into bed--towel and all.

And so began not only a sick day, but a sick weekend! 

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