Sunday, January 5, 2014

How We "Meal Plan"

I wake up early on Saturday mornings (mostly just because my spawn need me for something--food, diaper changes, or turning on the TV) and clean the kitchen--unload/load dishes, wipe down countertops & cabinets, and then REALLY clean the kitchen...

This is something I used to do every few months, but I found it pretty easy once I started doing it more often.

I take everything out of the refrigerator and freezers that is old or yucky. Wipe it down, and  assess what we still have. I then go through the food cabinets and see what we have.

I then make a "use" list--i.e. Things we already have that I can use in a recipe/meal. 

I then head to the computer (and just think about meals I already know) and make a list of the meals and the ingredients to buy at the store.

Then, ill search my apps and coupon websites before going to the store on Sunday to see if I can easily save. 

Sunday, I have my son match Tupperware & lids for me.

I go to the store & come home. When I unload groceries I take a lot of stuff out of the outer packaging just to save space. 

After putting away, I do some preparing ahead. This really helps with time and lack of energy for cooking later in the week!

I pack my son's lunches, pack my own, (my husband deals with his own) and do as much meal prep as I can for breakfasts and dinner the rest of the week!

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