Friday, February 21, 2014

Guide to post-partum healthy eating

For me, eating healthy and staying active after the birth of my daughter was more about maintaining a healthy mind and high energy levels than anything else. After my son, I experienced serious post partum depression & anxiety and didn't even know it until sometime later. Looking back, it's easy for me to see the mistakes I made.  If that wasn't motivating enough, it is a real challenge having two children--I wanted to be sure my son did not miss out as well because I was so tired.

Back before I was married, I learned a lot about diet and excercise while working with a trainer and having an addiction to the message boards. I read Oxygen & Fitness RX magazines and read Tosca Renos books. At the time of my wedding I was in great shape & felt great! 

My plans for my post partum health & fitness routines are based on the concepts I learned then, but with flexibility! 

Generally, eat 6 smaller meals a day as "clean" or healthy as possible--but not to overly restrict myself because of the limitations that I will already face. For example, my aunt brought over my favorite chicken enchiladas when I got home from the hospital--there was no way I was going to say no because I was limiting my diet. Further, I continued to eat the left overs for days---I barely had time to eat much less cook, so why would I let the good food go to waste? 

But, the idea is that MOST of the time, eat clean & healthy & often! As I was thinking about eating healthy, I decided to make a list of my go-to healthy foods.  Of course, this is not an all-inclusive list, but it's a good start if you are trying to eat healthy.  These are good staples!

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