Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eating Healthy for Energy & Fitness

1. Eat every 2-4 hours, balancing protein, carbs, and fat. (I like the 40-40-30% rule, which you can easily track using a website like or the app provided by the same 

2. Along those same lines, don't deprive your body of fat, your body NEEDS fat. Just keep in mind that there are good fats and bad fats, and you should be trying to chose Healthy fats instead of trans-fat (i.e. avoid the words hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated).

3.  While you should not cut out any whole food group, I think it goes without saying that you should refrain from eating an too many carbs, especially sugary carbs, processed and over-processed carbohydrates.

4. Eat foods that are as close to how they occur in nature as possible!  (This is what people refer to as "clean eating" and if you try to follow this rule, eating healthy seems to follow).

5. Avoid excess sugar.  When choosing foods, look at the labels, the lower the sugar content the better. Avoid processed foods (you know its processed, for the most part if it comes in a box or a package).  NOTE: white flour is highly processed.  This is important because the more processed, the less nutrients! 

6. Avoid eating a lot of starchy carbs like corn, bread (esp white bread), pasta (esp white), white potatoes, etc. ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT.

7. You need calories.  Especially if you are working out.  Just work on improving your diet. 

8. Stop drinking sodas, eating candy bars, pizza, processed foods, etc. and work on getting consistent with eating NUTRITIONALLY DENSE, BALANCED meals every 2-4 hours. 

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